Fate of the Pharaoh - Full Game Unlock Mod

Egypt is full of mystical wonder, pyramids and stories that make us want to travel back in time, well, to view how the pyramids were made of course. This is a strategy game that takes you back to ancient Egypt and makes you use your brain or whatever you call a brain (hehe). In this game, your mission is to restore the pride and glory of Egypt and return it to its glorious wonder. This is after it has suffered a longstanding war and has been left in tatters. You play the Pharaoh’s adviser and help him restore this mighty empire to its former glory by constructing houses, castles, collecting taxes and fighting of wicked creatures. This is definetely a game for the strategy lovers and people who love history of Egypt and of course anyone who loves a bit of fun with games. Enjoy the full version with the download of the mod of the game.

Fate of the Pharaoh screenshots: